Dr. Amanda Grusz, PI

Photo credit: Alexander Damian

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Duluth Director, Olga Lakela Herbarium (DUL)

Dr. Grusz uses morphological, molecular, and cytogenetic tools to study organismal evolution and its role in generating biodiversity. Her passions span floristic and nomenclatural studies through to phylogenetics and evolutionary genomics, with a general focus on patterns and processes that drive diversification in seed-free vascular plants.

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Research Associates

KATHRYN PICARD Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Graduate Students


M.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth (in progress) B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth

Ashley's project is focused on unraveling the evolutionary origins of a putative cross-continental hybrid, Woodsia scopulina subsp. laurentiana (Woodsiaceae) from the Laurentian Shield. Her work combines field exploration, molecular phylogenetics, and cytogenetics for biodiversity studies.

Undergraduate Researchers



Undergraduate Researcher, BURST Scholar, UMD

Jacob is interested in taxonomy, natural history, and systematics. He is currently learning molecular laboratory techniques while contributing to building a molecular phylogeny of Myriopteris using nuclear genes. Jacob is leveraging skills gained in Plant Taxonomy (BIOL3603L) to examine the nomenclatural history of a new hybrid in the genus.



Undergraduate Reseracher, UMD

Despite being new to the Grusz lab, Sarah has flourished in learning new techniques in both the molecular lab and in programming for genomic studies. We are excited for Sarah to find her own research project in the near future!

Postdoctoral Associate



Honorary Postdoctoral Associate

Ella has been with the Grusz lab since day 1 of graduate school. After being rescued in rural NC, Ella earned her PhD in friendship with a focus on balanced-living. After a 2-year postdoc in Washington, DC, Ella settled with the Grusz lab in Duluth, MN. She enjoys sleeping, walks, treats, and cuddling.

Emeritus Lab Members

Noah Olson — Undergraduate Researcher (Research Intern, Smithsonian Institution)
Blake Fauskee
— Undergraduate Researcher (UROP Scholar, UMD; REU Scholar, Field Museum, Chicago; Research Intern, Smithsonian Institution); NSF-GRFP awardee (senior undergraduate); Ph.D. Student, Duke University (matriculating fall 2019)
Patrick Fehrenbach — Undergraduate Researcher (BURST Scholar)
Amanda Vu — Undergraduate Researcher (UMD Pathways Scholar)
Ashley Marcuson — Undergraduate Researcher (UMD Bridges Scholar, Lake Superior Community College)
Seema Deodhar — Research Associate
Josh Horky – Lab Manager and horticulturalist extraordinaire

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