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Dr. Amanda Grusz, PI

Photo credit: Alexander Damian

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Duluth


Director, Olga Lakela Herbarium (DUL)


Dr. Grusz uses morphological and molecular tools to study organismal evolution and its role in generating biodiversity. Her passions span floristic and nomenclatural studies through to phylogenetics and evolutionary genomics, with a general focus on patterns and processes that drive diversification in seed-free vascular plants. 

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Research Associates

JOSH HORKY                                                             


B.S. Biology/GIS, University of Minnesota Duluth

Josh grew up on a dairy farm in west central Wisconsin and spent a great deal of time gardening with his grandparents. His interests have always been focused on plants, whether it is growing vegetables, fruits, trees, or alpine/arctic plants. He is an avid botanist with field experience in Australia, the Canadian arctic (Hudson Bay), and all across the US.

Graduate Students


M.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth (in progress) B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth

Ashley's graduate project is focused on unraveling the evolutionary origins of a putative cross-continental hybrid, Woodsia scopulinum subsp. laurentiana (Woodsiaceae) from the Laurentian Shield. Her work combines field exploration, molecular phylogenetics, and cytogenetics for biodiversity studies. 

Undergraduate Researchers

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